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Leakage emergency treatment of sodium thiohydride

Release date:2017-12-07 16:48:58


Emergency treatment: quickly evacuate the area of the spill area to the safe area and quarantine, strictly restrict access. Cut off the ignition source. It is recommended that emergency personnel should wear self - pressure respirator and wear anti-virus suit. Cut off the source as much as possible. If liquid, prevent the restricted space such as drain and drain.
Small leakage: flush with a large amount of water, dilute with water and put into waste water system.
A lot of leakage: building a wall or digging hole. Use pump to transfer to tank or special collector to recycle or transport to waste disposal site. If a solid, use a clean shovel to collect in a dry, clean, covered container. If a large amount of leakage is collected, collect or transport to waste disposal site.

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